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Whether you watch the Super Bowl for the love of football or like me to watch the creativity of the commercials and the half-time show, it’s a great excuse to put out a spread of food and invite a crowd. Tune into our Youtube channel and watch our Super Bowl video for some hints on great party food! We have been brainstorming ideas and developing recipes and products to bring you simple yet delicious options to serve your guests and family. Our pot roast sliders are the perfect comfort food to serve to your guests, just a few ingredients and made in the crock pot so no fuss for you. Our store teams have been busy crafting displays because we believe Food is Fun! Here is quick peak at some of our Big Game Feast ideas! One of our associates brought this dip to a meeting at our office and … Continue reading

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When I was constructing the Menu plan for this week and testing some recipes I realized I needed some ingredients for the menu.  What a wonderful option to be able to go on line and place an order for groceries delivered on the same day. Our Festival Express Grocery Delivery service has received wonderful reviews give it a try! This week’s menu includes a Chicken Enchilada recipe from Rick at our White Bear store.  I love chicken enchiladas and best of all it is another recipe that you can use our rotisserie chicken if you don’t have time to cook the fresh chicken. One of our family’s favorite meals is on the menu this week,  it is Pork Medallions with Mustard-Chive Sauce. We like to serve this with baked potatoes at our house. The pork cooks quickly so this is a quick meal to put together. Have yourself a lazy … Continue reading

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Something I have noticed since I began making up a weekly menu plan at home is that we are not having any food go to waste!  Since we know what we’re going to cook the next night, we are immediately freezing leftovers and not letting them sit in the frig until they must be tossed because we have no plan for them, instead freezing and using leftovers for lunches or as part of our meal plan. Our menu for this week is here, I hope you enjoy. One of our menu items this week is frozen pizza, not just any frozen pizza though. We now carry Heggies Pizza in our frozen foods department. For years we have enjoyed this delicious pizza in small bars around town, now you can stock up your freezer for busy nights with family activities and no time to cook. Speaking of family activities; how about … Continue reading

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While we are having a mild winter, it is still plenty chilly outside to make us hungry for something warm and tasty. If you are looking for something warm yet “lighter” try our fresh stir fry packages that we call Samurai Stir Fry.  Use the veggies on their own or pair them with chicken, beef, or pork for a delicious & quick one-pot meal. This week in our menu we share one of our favorite recipes for Fajita Steak Salad, here is a link to our video on YouTube for the recipe as well, we hope you enjoy the videos. We welcome you to post photos of the recipes you prepare on our Facebook page, be sure to “like” us to find out about new products and promotions.  We are always on the watch for new products and work diligently to have them on our shelves as soon as possible. If … Continue reading

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This week’s menu includes a slow cooker recipe and we will do our best to bring you more of these one pot meals in the future, perfect for busy households. To bring a wider variety to our menu plan we are including links and recipes to other recipe sites as well as our own recipe pages. We will try whenever possible to offer some prepared sauces and components to make the recipe preparation even faster. The recipe for Nacho Burgers by Bobby Flay suggests you grill the burgers.A time-saver and warmer option in these cold months at our house is a grill pan for the stove top, most of our grilling is done on a grill pan. Always remember to cook ground beef to an internal temperature of 160 degrees, never assume that if a ground beef is brown in the middle, it is done, the only safe way to know … Continue reading

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